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Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting Courses

A Non-punitive Discipline Approach By Joan Durrant, PhD for Professionals and Parents of ages 0-20


Positive Discipline was developed as a response to the recommendations of the United Nations World Report on Violence against Children and is a component of Save the Children International. This program is intended for parents of children of all ages as it looks at ages and stages from birth to 20 years old so that parents can understand how the warmth and structure given when their children are very young supports the warmth and structure needed as the child matures.

Learn to view the world through children's perceptions.

Positive Discipline

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Would you like to Host a Positive Discipline Private Seminar?

Positive Discipline book

We love to travel! If you would like to set up a seminar for your group, company, school, or association, please email us below. We are certified P.D.E.P. instructors who are also qualified to teach.

Seminars can be offered in several formats: 8-week Lunch and Learns, or before/after work sessions, or a 2-day, 12-hour intense Fast Class. Other options can be customized to meet your participant's needs. Please contact us below for more information.

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8 Session Live and Recorded Web-Course

Sample Course Program

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