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Products Available in Print and E-Book Format

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All books have detailed charts of child development and capabilities of age 0-20

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non-punitive parenting books

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Unschooling-to-university Last-word-on-parenting-advice Parenting-with-patience Discipline-without-distress Attachment-parenting-tips Money-smart-mom

Discipline Without Distress (440 page Print) Learn about parenting without punishment that focuses on relationships.

Parenting With Patience (176 page Print) Learn ways for us to get a grip and ways to teach our children to get a grip.

Unschooling To University (384 page Print) Learn about how children can still learn academics through play and without school or homeschool.

Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers To Teens (368 page Print) Crammed with helpful tips from 23 years of facilitating parent groups.

Last Word on Parenting Advice Journal (138 page Print) - a lovely new baby gift that tells parents they know best!

Money Smart Mom (226 page Print) - Tons of tips on saving money from baby years to college.

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Parenting With Patience Cover

$19.95 Cnd + $8 Shipping

Money Smart Mom Cover

$24.95 Cnd + $12 Shipping

Plugged-In Parenting Cover

$34.95 Cnd 2-DVD Set + $12 Shipping

Last Word on Parenting Advice Journal Cover

$8.95 Cnd + $6 shipping

Discipline Without Distress Cover

$24.95 Cnd + $12 Shipping

Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers to Teens Cover

$24.95 Cnd + $12 Shipping

Unschooling to University Cover

$29.95 Cnd + $12 Shipping

Webinar Recordings

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Non-Punitive Parenting and Education Consultation

Need a parenting or education consultant? Judy is the proud parent of 4 Rutherford Scholarship recipients and 3 university graduates. She can help!

We provide telephone, or on-line confidential consultations on any parenting, education or family issue. We work from a non-punitive, evidence-based, neuro-biologically-informed parenting and educational approach.

Sessions are approximately one hour, $89.95, including a follow-up session a month later.

ConsultingJudy Arnall

Your child doesn't need more stuff - Give the gift of a beautiful, lifetime relationship with you!

Parenting Consultations Brain Course Certified

Parenting Parties!

We do In-Home Private Presentations for your group.

Enjoy the personal and customized parenting information and presentation in the comfort of your own home with eight or more of your friends. Gather your group from pre-natal class, moms time-out, babysitting co-op, school council, Dads volleyball team, or even your scrapbooking or book club and decide together on a topic of interest. It's a fun, relaxed, jovial time with wine, snacks, good friends and no parking, or childcare costs.

Topic Ideas Here

We can do a two-hour/one night session or a four to six week course. Minimum eight people (bring the partners too) and the maximum is only limited by the size of your living room. Approximate cost is $30.00 per person (based on a two hour session) depending on the course.

The host person pays no charge, but provides snacks, and receives a free gift.

Contact Judy Arnall (403) 714-6766

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