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All recorded courses are also available on-demand and include live consulting time for each session.


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The Growing Brain Course, by Zero-To-Three Organization

1-7 Session Live Interactive Synchronous Web-Course

The Growing Brain Train-The-Trainer Course

The Growing Brain course is developed by Zero-To-Three Organization and delivered by Professional Parenting

For parents, caregivers, and professionals who live or work with children ages 0-6 years

See Inside The Growing Brain Course

Read More About the The Growing Brain Course

Printable Flyer

The Growing Brain has the most up-to-date current information on brain development and how we can help grow healthy brains. If you work with families or just want to know more for your family, this is the course for you and help you answer those questions on brains. For example, what part of the brain does temperament originate? Why do some kids have more self-control than others? At what age should kids "know better"? What is the HPA Axis and how does it affect the developing brain? Where is Cortisol produced? When we say "the brain doesn't finish developing until age 25, what exactly still needs to develop? Can children learn 5 languages at once and how does the brain process them? These and all questions are rooted in the biology of the brain which we will answer in this course. If you work with parents or are a parent, this is the most amazing course to help you talk "science" with your partner, in-laws and families you work with.

This course builds on and delves much more in depth into children's brain development from the Brain Story Course, by the Palix Foundation.

This full course is designed for 21 hours-7 sessions for a class of 30 participants. Because our class is deliberately kept smaller, the time required is closer to 2 live hours per session and 1 hour homework.

Only $375.00 investment per person includes all materials and registration fees for the entire session, or just register for the sessions you want. The first session on basic brain glossary is recommended for everyone to take.

Class is limited to 10 participants so please register early.

Every participant receives a full digital licensed Participant Manual included in the total cost. You may take this file and get it printed if you would like, or follow along digitally by filling out the worksheets on blank paper.

Completion certificates will be available for the number of sessions attended.

This is an interactive class delivered much the same as in a classroom but over a computer. You will be expected to participate fully in the break-out and whole group sessions and use a working microphone and video camera. The course will be delivered through group creative activities, powerpoints, videos, discussion questions and instructor lecturettes, as well as reflection work in the Participant Manual

If you can't attend some of the live sessions, you will still have time to review the recordings prior to the next class and schedule some Q and A time with the instructor if you would like.

Instructor is Judy Arnall, BA, CCFE (Canadian Certified Family Life Educator). Judy has been teaching parent education for 25 years and is a certified Growing Brain instructor.

"I appreciated being able to take the course in the evening in the comfort of my own home." Course Participant

"This course focuses specifically on young children's brains and many of the questions about young children's behaviour is answered by understanding the development of different areas of the brain." Course Participant

The Growing Brain Course Photo

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WEB-Class Monday October 4, 2021 until Monday October 25, 2021.

Mondays and Thursdays from 11 AM - 1 PM (Mountain Alberta Time) and 1 PM - 3 PM (Eastern Toronto Time)

Please register for the full course sessions below or register for just the sessions you need. Brain Basics (The first session) is recommended for everyone to take as it is the session that starts with brain biology.

Important! Please choose the number of sessions before you push the "Buy Now" button!


Web-Class Schedule

Alberta Health Services' Terrific Toddlers Web-Course

4 Session Live and Recorded Web-Class

Terrific Toddlers Alberta Health Services Course Photo

The Terrific Toddlers course is developed by Alberta Health Services and presented by Professional Parenting

For parents, caregivers and professionals living or working with children ages 1-4

About AHS's Terrific Toddlers Curriculum

$120.00 Investment. Must register for all 4 sessions. Includes a printed book (Parenting With Patience), Terrific Toddler PDF worksheets, live presentation, recordings and consultation. Completion certificates will be available at the completion of the final questionaire.

Terrific Toddlers Course Poster

Instructor is Judy Arnall, BA, CCFE, a Canadian Certified Family Life Educator with 25 years experience teaching parent education.

"Thank you for offering these webinars. It was helpful to learn from the other 'voices' and gather tips for normal, everyday parenting challenges." Nicola, Online participant.

"I think your webinars/recordings are such a fantastic idea."- M.V.

Register for the Next Class Here

WEB-Class Saturday October 9 to October 30, 2021

1-2 PM MST, or 3-4 EST, $120.00 for all 4 sessions.

Attached At The Heart Live Online Course

Parenting Program By Attachment Parenting International

5 Session Live and Recorded Classes

Attached At The Heart Parenting Program Attachment Parenting International

For parents, professionals and caregivers living or working with children ages 0-6

A comprehensive course on attachment for the first five years.

See the Attached At The Heart Course Brochure

Instructor is Judy Arnall, BA, CCFE, a Canadian Certified Family Life Educator with 25 years experience teaching parent education.

Register for the Next Class Here

Tuesdays October 5, 12, 19, 26, November 2, 2021

11AM to 1 PM MST, 1-3 PM EST, Fee is based on number of sessions enrolled.

Please choose the number of sessions before you push "Buy Now"

The first session is $75 and each additional session is $50


Session 1 October 5, 2021

Module 1: Charting a New Course: Undoing the Ties That Bind

Module 2: Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting

Session 2 October 12, 2021

Module 3: Feed with Love and Respect: Beginning the Attachment Process

Module 4: Responding with Sensitivity: Languages of Love

Session 3 October 19, 2021

Module 5: Use Nurturing Tough: Healing Power of Physical Closeness

Module 6: Ensure Safe Sleep: Physically & Emotionally

Session 4 October 26, 2021

Module 7: Provide Consistent, Loving Care: Keeping Attachment Secure

Module 8: Practice Positive Discipline: Be the Change!

Session 5 November 2, 2021

Module 9: Strive for Balance in your Personal and Family Life

Module 10: Nurturing Children for a Compassionate World

P.E.T. Express - Parent Effectiveness Training

For parents of children ages 2 - 30 years

Learn and practice valuable communication skills necessary for close parent-child relationships. Also Suitable for graduates of communication-based parenting courses such as "How to Talk so Kids Will Listen," "Terrific Toddlers," "Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting," "Gordon Neufeld Training," and "Non-Violent Communication".

Instructor: Judy Arnall, Certified P.E.T. Instructor and CCFE Canadian Family Life Educator with 25 years experience.

The following skills will be covered:

This session is generously sponsored by Banbury Crossroads School

Register for the Next Class Here

4 Thursdays, October 21, 28, and November 4, and 18, 2021, (No class November 11)

6-8 PM MST $195.00 for all four sessions

Banbury Crossroads School, #201-2451 Dieppe Ave S.W.


Parenting Today's Child: A Neuro-Biological Approach to Raising Babies to Teens

6 Session Recorded On-line Course with Live Consultation

Parenting 3lb Computer Brain Core Story Certification

This course has neuro-biological informed content from Alberta Health Services, Palix Foundation, Canadian Pediatric Society, Attachment Parenting, and P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training. It focuses on non-punitive, respectful, relationship-building parenting.

For parents/caregivers of all children ages 1-20 years.

Provided by Professional Parenting. Instructor is Judy Arnall, BA, Certified Canadian Family Life Educator, Certified in the Brain Core Story Course, and parent of 5 children.

Register anytime. You will receive all 6 recordings at once and we will schedule consulting time according to your schedule.

$189.00 plus GST per computer, includes 6 recorded classes, 2 print textbooks (Discipline Without Distress, and Parenting With Patience)as well as weekly consulting time.

Certificates available if all sessions are watched and participant achieves 50% on the final exam.

Please Register below

Parenting the digital generation can be challenging and exciting. In this course, we will explore best parenting practices of raising today's child

The following concepts will be covered:

Parenting Today's Child Course Printable Description

"Thank you again for the great class. I learned a lot and feel excited and empowered again. We all need a little boost once in a while to help us continue to be great parents!" Muriel, On-line participant

Parenting the Three Pound Computer: A Neuro-Biological Informed Course on Raising Babies to Teens

4 Session Recorded On-line Course with Live Consultation

Child development 101

This class compiles information from multiple sources and is presented by Professional Parenting. Instructors are Brain Core Story Certified educators.

$120.00 plus GST. Investment includes a print textbook (Parenting With Patience),session recordings and consultation time.

The following concepts will be covered:

Caring Family Communication

4 Session Recorded On-line Course with Live Consultation

Suitable for graduates of communication-based parenting courses such as "How to Talk so Kids Will Listen," "P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training," "Terrific Toddlers," "Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting," "Gordon Neufeld Training," and "Non-Violent Communication."

$120.00 plus GST. Includes all materials. Instructor: Judy Arnall, Certified P.E.T. Instructor and a Certified Canadian Family Life Educator

For parents of all children ages 2-30 years

Developed and presented by Professional Parenting

Printable Poster of Caring Family Communication Skills Practice Course

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the class. The knowledge you have given me and the extra skills are priceless and I have started implementing them and will continue to use them and grow with them in both my sons life and everyday life." Lynn

Communication skills are ever more important for family relationships in our increasingly digital world. This communication course builds such skills. Learn how to open up conversations with your children, especially teenagers and young adults. Practice ways to build links, and to respectfully assert your parental needs, with school-aged kids and even toddlers. Learn helpful approaches for conflict resolution in the family environment. When parents take this course, all members of the family will benefit from improved communication practice.

The following concepts will be covered:

The Science of Screen Time: The good news on how technology affects childhood brain architecture

1 Session Recorded On-line Class and Live Consultation

Science of Screen Time

The following concepts will be covered:

Evidence-based recommendations from the Idealist, but common-sense advice from the Realist! You will feel relieved!

For parents of ages 0-25

$29.00 investment includes 15 minutes of consultation time.

"He Just Won't Listen!" Child and Brain Development 101

1 Session Recorded On-line Class and Live Consultation

Child development 101

This short class compiles information from multiple sources and is presented by Professional Parenting.

This class is a recording. $29 investment includes a 15 minute scheduled consulting session for your unique questions.

The following concepts will be covered:

MasterClass Recordings for Purchase

PPC Logo

$29.00 per recording topic or purchase 2 or more and save. Each recording includes a free live, 15 minute, scheduled-at-your-convenience, consultation where you can ask personal questions.

Purchase your private unlimited viewing of the following webinar titles listed below

Please send me webinar recordings

MasterClass Titles Now Available:

Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery

Learn tips, researched information, and best practices of positive, gentle, loving, non-punitive discipline for ages 1 to 20 years. These tools are discipline strategies that you and your child will feel good about! Based on the best-selling book. Detailed Presentation Description

Eating, Sleeping and Toileting Without Distress: Turn Battlezones into Bonding Zones

These are the three behaviours that parents can facilitate but not control. Discover best practices in nudging your child's cooperation in these areas. Detailed Presentation Description

Parenting With Patience

Based on the new book, this webinar outlines triggers that makes children and parents angry. The first section teaches strategies for parents and teachers to keep calm. The second part outlines ways that adults can help children to get calm. This webinar focuses on both adult and child anger. Detailed Presentation Description

Stress Busters: Taming Parent Anger

Many instances in parenting, we feel angry at our children, whether they deserve it or not. This session explores the source of our anger, as well as helpful strategies to manage it effectively. We will look at ways to pare down our lives to lessen stress. This webinar mostly focuses on our anger. Detailed Presentation Description

Taming Temper – Handling Your Child's Anger with Respect and a Goal to Teach Life Skills

Children have temper tantrums at all ages. Toddlers can hit, bite, throw and push, and older children can sulk, slam doors, and sometimes hit. Learn how much children can control anger at each age and stage and identify strategies that parents can use to teach self-control and executive function. This webinar mostly focuses on children's anger.

Sleep Easy: Best Practices for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Learn about what keeps each age group from going to bed, staying in bed, and getting to sleep. Discover best practices for handling nap and bedtime problems at each age, as well as exploring the approach that works best for your family.

Toilet Learning

Discover the joys and best practices of teaching toilet learning for toddlers and preschoolers.

Picky Eating

Learn about the feeding relationship and tips, researched information, and best practices of handling young children's picky eating habits. Detailed Presentation Description

Ages and Stages – Understanding the Science of Brain Development and What Behaviour is Normal

Learn how the brain develops at each stage of childhood and understand what kids can think, feel and do at various ages.

Building a Three Pound Computer: How Parenting Affects Childhood Brain Architecture

In this webinar, we will use plain talk and interactive exercises to demonstrate important concepts in children's brain development and how parents, teachers and caregivers can contribute to children's health and wellbeing.

Your audience will:

Target Audience: Parents and Front-Line healthcare and education professionals.

The Final Third of Parenting: Keeping Your Teens Safe

Learn about the teen brain, and how decision making is made. Discover what risks teens take and how you can influence them to make safe decisions.

The Upside of Video Games

Learn about the incredible social, emotional and cognitive/educational benefits of video gaming. This webinar address parents' worst fears such as inactivity, mind mush, violence, addiction and isolation.

The Playgroup Altercation: What to do When Your Child is the Victim or the Hitter

In this webinar, we will discuss how to respectfully handle tricky playgroup situations. Learn how to manage biting, hitting, pushing and tantrums in a playgroup situation.

Public Parenting Etiquette 101

In this webinar, we will discuss tricky public parenting situations such as what to do when your infant screams in the restaurant, or your toddler bites your friend's child, or your preschooler pulls your neighbor's flowers from her garden... Find out answers to common questions on these topics and more.

Beyond the Birds and Bees: Talking to Your Child About Sexuality

Learn tips, researched information, and best practices of handling children's inevitable questions about sex. Learn about what information children should have at different ages.

Bully Busters: Real, Practical Help for the Bully and the Victim

Learn tips, researched information, and best practices of handling childhood bullying in schools and other places.

Communication Essentials: From Conflict to Connection

Learn about the benefits and practice of essential communication skills such as Active Listening and I-Statements.

The Love Languages of Parenting

Based on the book by Gary Chapman, this presentation discusses what common parenting practices are rooted in a particular love language as well as which practices can be very detrimental to connecting through a love language. Detailed Presentation Description

Inspiring Motivation Without Madness

Learn about the five keys of motivating partners and children to do chores, help around the house, and cooperate with your requests, without pulling out your hair!

Eggs for Dinner Again? Holding Down the Fort When Your Parenting Partner Works Away From Home

Learn tips, researched information, and best practices of parenting when one partner travels for work and the other partner holds down the home front. Detailed Presentation Description

Plugged-In Parenting: Connecting with the Digital Generation for Health, Safety and Love

Learn tips, researched information, and best practices of parenting children with cellphones, internet access, game consoles and electronics. Detailed Presentation Description

Raising Your Spirited Child and Understanding Temperament

Understand the effect of temperament on parenting. Learn tips, researched information, and best practices of parenting high need/spirited children. Detailed Presentation Description

Choosing Extra Curricular Activities and Keeping Siblings Busy During Wait Times

How many activities is too much and how to choose which ones to keep? How to keep siblings entertained while they have to wait for their brother/sister? We will tackle these challenges and more in this webinar.

Connecting with Your Teenager

Learn tips, researched information, and best practices of opening communication with your teenager. Parents will better understand our beliefs about teenagers, gain understanding of the communication process, the teenage brain, and learn about the Problem-solving Method to solve conflicts. Detailed Presentation Description

Traveling with Children

Learn tips for traveling overseas by air and within country by car, with babies, toddlers, and teens.

Helping Your Child Adjust to the New Baby

Learn tips, researched information, and best practices of helping children adjust to a new sibling. Detailed Presentation Description

Chores and Allowances: When, How Much, and What to Expect

Learn tips, researched information, and best practices of gifting children with chores and allowances.

Sibling Rivalry Remedies

Every relationship in the family encounters conflict. Learn how to set the stage for smooth sibling relationships and best practices for helping them sort out their issues. Detailed Presentation Description

Morning Madness and After-work Arsenic Hour: Managing Working Parents Most Challenging Situations

Yes, you can have more stress-free mornings and calmer after-work reunions with your children. This webinar will give you tips on making your work-family transitions more loving. Detailed Presentation Description

Taming the Gaming: How to Limit Screen Time (computer and video games) Without Scream Time™

Learn tips, researched information, and best practices of parenting children with cellphones, internet access, game consoles and electronics. Detailed Presentation Description

123 Time-Out –The Pros, Cons, and Alternatives of this Popular Discipline Tool

What is 123 Time-out, and the pros and cons of using this behavioural technique. What can parents do instead?

He Dared Me! Helping Your Child Manage Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can be positive or negative. Learn how to make positive peer pressure work for your child and discover how to help them navigate negative peer pressure in school and youth groups. Detailed Presentation Description

Brain Building Play Ideas to Raise a Smart Child

Learn the three keys to raising a smart child and essential play toys that will enhance brain development. Detailed Presentation Description

Leadership Begins in the Family

Explore the five keys borrowed from the workplace for parenting tomorrow's leaders in your family.

Helping Children Cope with Disaster

Children experience trauma from disaster in ways different from adults. In this webinar, we will explore how children experience trauma at different ages and what the adults (parents and teachers) in their lives can do to help them cope. Detailed Presentation Description

Workplace to Parenting: 10 Essentials Transferable Skills from Work to Home Life

Learn the 10 workplace skills that make family life easier.

Nurturing the Parent: Time to Take Care of You

It's important to fill your bucket. Learn ways to find time for and take care of the most important person in your child's life - YOU!

Unplug Christmas Inc.

What does the research show that children really want from the holidays and how can you provide it?

Gift-giving From the Heart and Hands, Not the Wallet

Get some great ideas for homemade gifts for all ages, that don't cost a fortune and build memories.

Peaceful Parenting with Different Partner Parenting Styles

Every parent does things differently. Learn what the research shows on how moms and dads style affect different parts of the child's brain, and how to navigate widely different partner views on parenting. Learn how to parent together with a better fit. Detailed Presentation Description

Attachment Parenting for Everyone: Myths and Truths

Attachment parenting is often portrayed in the media as a child-centered, parent-doormat style of parenting. In the webinar, we explode the myths of building attachment with your child, with research supporting the theory and behaviours of attachment parenting. Detailed Presentation Description

Every Child is Gifted: Understanding Multiple Intelligences

Learn about how children learn differently. Based on the work of Howard Gardner and Thomas Armstrong, discover the 8 intelligences and how to tell what your child is. Everyone is intelligent! Detailed Presentation Description

Play is the Key to University

Learn what play is free play and how children benefit socially, cognitively, emotionally, and physically from unstructured, unorganized, free play at all ages. Detailed Presentation Description

Handling Homework Hassles

Learn tips, researched information, and best practices of helping children reclaim their homework.

How the Alberta School System Works and How to Choose a School? - Updated for 2016/2017

Public, private, charter, On-line, Home-based, or Home Education? So many choices. Understand how the school system works in Alberta and explore the options open to parents.

Getting Ready for a New School Year

Start the year off right. Learn what you need to do to get your child ready for school physically (haircuts, clothes), emotionally (separation anxiety, fears), socially (new friends) and cognitively (offsetting summer learning loss).

Thinking About Homeschooling in Alberta: Where to Start and how to Navigate the Sea of Choices

This webinar is for people with doubts! Come and check out if homeschooling is a good fit for your family and what types of homeschooling philosophies would fit with your lifestyle, your child's learning style and your parenting style. You will also learn the first steps in choosing the supervising school board that is right for you. This session is unbiased, frank, and essential information that is not sponsored by any school or school board.

Homeschooling High School for Post Secondary Education in Alberta

This webinar outlines all you need to know to Traditionally home educate your child for marks and credits in Alberta's System. Detailed Presentation Description

Understanding Unschooling: The Creative, Motivating and Educational Pathway to University and Scholarships

Unschooling is learner-determined homeschooling. Come and check out if unschooling is a good fit for your family, and how to do it. Learn tips, researched information, and best practices of this child-directed, form of education. This session is unbiased, frank, and essential information that is not sponsored by any school or school board. Detailed Presentation Description

Grappling with the Grumblies: Stop Screaming and Start Connecting

Authors Deborah Miller and Judy Arnall co-present on handling children's and parents' anger

Investment $62.95 Includes both print books mailed out to your address, Grappling with the Grumblies and Parenting With Patience plus the webinar recording

Deborah Miller Judy Arnall

This session will include a reading from the children's book, Grappling with the Grumblies, from author Deborah Miller, and a presentation on parenting grumblies from Judy Arnall. Embracing grumblies is a job all families get to enjoy and this session will empower you with lots of ideas for making anger work for your family.

Grappling with the Grumblies Parenting With Patience

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Teaching Parent Education Concepts Interactively - Webinar Recording

1.5 hour recording, presented by Judy Arnall, BA, DTM, CCFE ( Canadian Certified Family Life Educator)

Includes scheduled consultation time with Judy.

$99.00 per participant or $990.00 per organization registration up to 25 people for the recording.

Teaching Parenting Concepts Interactively Printable Description

Presentation Description: Learn how to present parenting concepts and best practices to your parenting groups. Topics include openers, parenting styles, picky eating, temperament, sleep issues, brain development, play, discipline, self-esteem, closings and many more. Facilitation tips also included.