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Unschooling To University (and College too) Book

Relationships (Parents and Teachers) Matter Most in a World Crammed With Content


School is one option to get an education; Homeschooling is the second and Unschooling is the third.

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NEW! Learn about the fastest growing educational alternative where the learning focus is on acquiring competencies through self-directed education within solid relationships. This book examines the nature of learning, teaching, motivation, stress, and the power of relationships, written by a child development specialist. It also reveals the insights from the Team of Thirty (TOT), which are 30 family friends that all unschooled and gained entrance to post-secondary education.

More and more parents are pulling kids out of school due to bullying, boring on-line courses and irrelevant, outdated curriculum delivered from a rigid government prescribed agenda. Until now, students were tied to their neighborhood school, government and country, based on their house address, however, with the Internet, today's students are now border-less. Learning can occur anywhere, anytime, any method, any content, and from any expert, including self-taught.

Disengaged learners in our assembly-line model of school currently tune-out, act-out or drop-out. Education must change and unschooling is the fastest growing alternative method of learning.

Children today can get just as good education playing video games as going to school. Self-directing their education, students learn through play, volunteering, jobs, mentorship, projects, travel and even (gasp!) playing computer games. This book follows the path of 30 unschooled children who self-directed all or part of their education and were accepted and/or graduated universities, colleges and post-secondary schools.

What children need most is close relationships with adults such as parents, teachers, coaches, grandparents and siblings within a community, not just a school. Educational content is everywhere. Caring relationships are not. Many children are self-taught. When families choose unschooling, they no longer have to choose between a quality education and a relaxed family lifestyle. Now they can have both.

Table Of Contents

Part 1 What is Unschooling?

Part 2 Why Unschool?

Part 3 How to Unschool

Part 4 Unschooling and Child Development Stages



"Concise parenting advice that presents alternative ways to help children grow, learn, and get into college or work. Arnall's stage-by-stage descriptions, supporting documentation, and personal stories create a useful handbook for families interested in self-directed education." Patrick Farenga, John Holt/Growing Without Schooling

"This book is for anyone dissatisfied with the educational system but doesn't want to homeschool either. There really is a third option." Sandra P., Unschooling Mom

"Received the book and am thoroughly enjoying it. My fears are already in abeyance after just a few pages" Lisa Z.

"Absolutely LOVE this book! It answers so many questions!" Heather M.

"Thank you for Unschooling To University. It had shown me a new perspective of unschooling and outlined the key elements very clearly." Maria O.

"This book forces one to look at education in a whole new lens." Shari H.

"I recently found your book and am loving every page. I bought 2 more copies that I have sent to the "grandparents", as my introduction to them of my son & my family decision in respect to his new learning style. Thank you again." Maureen D.

"I’m reading Unschooling To University right now! I couldn’t put it down last night! Ha! I woke up this morning and told the kids...don’t worry about your workbooks today." Reena G.

"Best. Book. Ever. I wish I had this book when I was starting out. I recommend it to everyone (even those who are not 'unschooling'). It is a fascinating read with tonnes of current studies, reports, and polls." Melanie R.

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Print ISBN 97809780509-93 $29.95 CAN, $24.95 US

Trade Paperback, 384 pages, 6 X 9 inches, perfect bound

E-Book ISBN 97817751786-06 $12.99 CAN, $9.99 US

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