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Unschooling To University: Relationships are crucial in a world crammed with content

Build the Relationship and Learning Occurs Naturally

School is one option to get an education; Homeschooling is the second and Unschooling is the third.

NEW! Learn about the fastest growing educational alternative where the learning focus is on acquiring competencies through self-directed education within solid relationships. This book examines the nature of learning, teaching, motivation, stress, and the power of relationships, written by a child development specialist. It also reveals the insights from the Team of Thirty (TOT), which are family friends that all unschooled and gained entrance to post-secondary education.

unschooling to university

More and more parents are pulling kids out of school due to bullying, boring on-line courses and irrelevant, outdated curriculum delivered from a rigid government prescribed agenda. Until now, students were tied to their neighborhood school, government and country, based on their house address, however, with the Internet, today's students are now border-less. Learning can occur anywhere, anytime, any method, any content, and from any expert, including self-taught.

Disengaged learners in our assembly-line model of school currently tune-out, act-out or drop-out. Education must change and unschooling is the fastest growing alternative method of learning.

Children today can get just as good education playing video games as going to school. Self-directing their education, students learn through play, volunteering, jobs, mentorship, projects, travel and even (gasp!) playing computer games. This book follows the path of 30 unschooled children who self-directed all or part of their education and were accepted and/or graduated universities, colleges and post-secondary schools.

What children need most is close relationships with adults such as parents, teachers, coaches, grandparents and siblings within a community, not just a school. Educational content is everywhere. Caring relationships are not. When families choose unschooling, they no longer have to choose between a quality education and a relaxed family lifestyle. Now they can have both.

About the Author: Judy Arnall, BA, is a child-development expert, and a master of non-punitive parenting and education practices. She is the bestselling author of 4 print books.


"Concise parenting advice that presents alternative ways to help children grow, learn, and get into college or work. Arnall's stage-by-stage descriptions, supporting documentation, and personal stories create a useful handbook for families interested in self-directed education." —Patrick Farenga, John Holt/Growing Without Schooling

"This book is for anyone dissatisfied with the educational system but doesn't want to homeschool either. There is a third option." Sandra, Unschooling Mom

Unschooling To University: How to impassion your disengaged learner will be published Sept 30, 2018

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Inside the book: Unschooling To University

Part 1 What is Unschooling?

Chapter 1 The problem

Chapter 2 The solution

Chapter 3 What unschooling is and is not

Chapter 4 Play

Chapter 5 Free schools

Part 2 Why Unschool?

Chapter 6 History of education

Chapter 7 Academic benefits

Chapter 8 Social benefits

Chapter 9 Emotional benefits

Chapter 10 Physical benefits

Chapter 11 Societal benefits

Part 3 How to Unschool

Chapter 12 Adult

Chapter 13 Resources

Chapter 14 Unstructured time

Chapter 15 Assessment

Part 4 Unschooling and Child Development

Chapter 16 Brain basics

Chapter 17 Babies, toddlers and preschoolers

Chapter 18 Elementary years

Chapter 19 Junior high years

Chapter 20 High school years

Chapter 21 Post-secondary


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