Parenting With Patience Book
Parenting With Patience Book

Turn Frustration into Connection With 3 Easy Steps

Discover what your child is capable of and learn new ways to help you manage stress and help your child manage frustration

Now published and translated in China

Parenting With Patience China

Description and Key messages in Parenting With Patience

  • We need to be in control to teach our children self-control
  • We get ourselves calm first by time-out, then get our children calm by time-in, then solve the problem by time-together
  • We can separate our anger from our discipline and make better respectful decisions
  • Most parents' expectations of small children are too high. We need detailed information on child development to decide if it is a development issue or a discipline issue. Development charts included for ages 0-25
  • Positive discipline has to begin with positive stress management
  • "Submarine Parenting"™ is when parents see the need or feeling under the behaviour and address the root causes of misbehavior
  • Typical punishments like grounding, time-outs, and consequences shut down parent-child communication and escalates anger
  • Our world has shifted and we need to shift our parenting to build relationships between parent and child

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"Every parent needs patience, and Parenting With Patience, has simple, respectful ways to calm down and connect," says Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears, RN, co-authors of 40 books on parenting.

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Parenting With Patience by Judy Arnall, and Grappling With the Grumblies by Deborah Fannie Miller

One book for you and one book for your children!

Authors Deborah Miller and Judy Arnall co-present on handling children's and parents' anger

Investment $62.95 Includes both print books mailed out to your address, Grappling with the Grumblies and Parenting With Patience plus the webinar recording

Deborah MillerJudy Arnall

This session will include a reading from the children's book, Grappling with the Grumblies, from author Deborah Miller, and a presentation on parenting grumblies from Judy Arnall. Embracing grumblies is a job all families get to enjoy and this session will empower you with lots of ideas for making anger work for your family.

Grappling with the Grumblies Parenting With Patience

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A quick book to read when you are calm, in order to use when you are not!

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Parenting with Patience

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Parenting with patience book

Parenting with patience book by Judy Arnall

Parenting with patience book by Judy Arnall

Parenting with patience book by Judy Arnall

Parenting with patience book by Judy Arnall


Trade Paperback, 176 pages, 6 X 9 inches, perfect bound

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Need an Interactive Keynote or Breakout Workshop Topic?

Parenting With Patience (for parents) or Creating Calmness (for front-line professionals) gives tools and tips for groups of 8 to 500 people.

In this video, author, Judy Arnall, speaks about "Parenting With Patience" anger management, toddlers tantrums, time-in versus time-out, discipline versus punishment, temperament, and problem-solving (15 minute depiction of book content)