Non-Punitive Parenting and Education Interactive Keynotes

Judy Arnall, Canada's leading authority on non-punitive, respectful parenting and family relationships provides dynamic, interactive, connecting, and motivating speeches on family communication topics for your company or organization. Judy uses props, stories, video, photos and audience interaction to get across her points. Judy has 13 years experience in teaching with Alberta Health Services and 19 years educating experience with Alberta Education. She will not use powerpoint bullet points. In her keynotes and breakouts, Judy interactively presents the important topics of child development, brain architecture, stress, and "serve and return" concepts as well as best practices in positive parenting and respectful education.

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Judy Arnall keynote speaker

From Sand Comes Pearls: Helping Children Cope With Traumatic Events, Alberta Health Services, 300 people, High River

Judy Arnall conference speaker

Discipline Without Distress, Gordon Hellas, 225 people, Athens, Greece

Discipline Without Distress

Discipline Without Distress, Australian Breastfeeding Association, 120 people, Perth, Australia

Professional Development Plugged-In Parenting Trainer Judy Arnall

Plugged-In Parenting Professional Development Training, London, Ontario

Parenting Experts are Not Perfect! Toastmasters D42 Conference, 200 people, Calgary

Plugged-In Parenting, Keynote, 150 people, Calgary

Active Listening, Chestermere Early Learning Conference, 100 people, full day session

Parenting The 3lb Computer, Let's Learn Together Conference, 100 people, evening session

Parenting With Patience, Watch Judy shake a pop can at 3:48 signifying a toddler's bad day and open it at 14:10 after it has calmed down!

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2019 All-Inclusive Speaking Package

Save travel and speaker fee costs for your Early Years or Parenting Conference. Book Judy and you get one inclusive package. No surprise costs, extra fees or inflated expenses. Meeting planners will be able to preview the performed keynote so they know exactly what is presented.

*Some restrictions apply

Contact Judy for the Conference Package Brochure (403) 714-6766

Early Years Keynote Speaker Judy Arnall

It Takes a Village, To Cherish a Parent, To Nurture a Child™

Parents are the lasting gift for families and are the building blocks of society. Without parents, no other occupations, relationships, or social, economic or political structures can exist. Yet parents can't function without a network of support, information and validation. Learn how you can be part of "the village" to cherish a parent, nurture a child, and empower peaceful healthy families in society. This is the most popular keynote with no bullet-points and lots of photos/video. The audience will be interacting every 15 minutes.

Your parent audience will:

Your professional audience will:

Target Audience: Parents and professionals. Excellent as an Opening or Closing Keynote.

Every participant will enjoy a free copy of the printed book "The Last Word on Parenting Advice" which is a 128 page journal with only one page of printed advice "Trust Yourself. You are the best person in the world for your children."


Building a Three Pound Computer:™ How Digital Technology Affects Childhood Brain Architecture

In this presentation, Judy will use plain talk and interactive exercises to demonstrate important concepts in children's brain development and how parents, teachers and caregivers can contribute to children's health and wellbeing.

Your audience will:

Target Audience: Parents and Front-Line health-care and education professionals.

Building a 3 lb computer: How parenting/digital technology affects childhood brain architecture Presentation Description

Parenting With Patience (For parent groups)

Creating Calmness When Working With Children (For professionals)

Based on the new book, Parenting With Patience, this interactive talk will explore anger in the home and workplace and take the audience through the three simple steps of creating calmness.

Are there times that you find yourself losing patience when working with children? You can develop some new tools!

Are you at a loss on how to respond to children's anger? You can help them without getting involved in their anger!

Wondering how to help children resolve their conflicts? There are better ways!

Come to this talk and come away with new tools for work and your personal life.

Your audience will:

Target Audience: Parents, corporate, educational and health organizations.

Play is the Key to University

This interactive talk will take a look at why children play, and how they learn most of what they need in life, academically, socially and emotionally, through play. Judy will discuss how adults, teachers and caregivers can support a free "play ethic" and further the development of creativity, problem solving and communication skills so desperately needed in the digital age.

Your audience will:

Target Audience: Parents, corporate, educational and health organizations.

From Sand Comes Pearls: Helping Children Cope with Traumatic Events

In this presentation, Judy will use plain talk, empathy and analogies to discuss how children in all age groups, from babies to emerging adulthood, perceive disastrous events such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and human induced tragedies. Judy will then outline concrete strategies for parents, teachers and caregivers to help the children in their care cope with their emotions and situations.

Your audience will:

Target Audience: Parents, teachers, caregivers and front-line healthcare and education professionals.

Delete Your Distress: Mastering Work-Life Balance in the Digital Age

"Five kids, five jobs and ten tips to regain sanity!"

The digital age brings new stresses to parents combining career, work travel and parenting. Through humour and multi-media, Judy, who has five kids, and five jobs will cover ten tips to strip stress and combat guilt for today's parents at work.

You will:

Target Audience: Corporations and Associations. Excellent as a Closing Keynote.

Self-Directed Education: The Key to Engaged Students

This interactive talk will focus on the research of self-directed, democratic, education throughout the primary and secondary age groups and the later attendance of post-secondary attendance.

Your audience will:

Target Audience: Parents, educational professionals and health organizations.

Eggs For Dinner Again? Holding Down the Fort While Your Parenting Partner Works Away From Home

Discover how to maintain connection, communication and cohesiveness in the family when one partner works away from home.

Your audience will:

Target Audience: Parents, corporate and health organizations.

Plugged-In Parenting: Connecting with the Digital Generation for Health, Safety and Love™

Parents and children face different challenges today than twenty years ago. Today's children play not only in the sandbox down the street, but also in the World Wide Web, which is too big to supervise or control by the adults in their lives. Children need adults more than ever as teachers, advisers and most of all, role models.

Audiences will:

Target Audience: Health and Education Conferences, Corporation Conferences Partners Programs, Parents, Teachers and Caregivers.

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