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We know the Alberta School system inside and out. We provide information and resources for you to choose an educational path that is the right fit for your child, whether that is public, charter, homeschooling, French Immersion, or faith-based choices. For homeschooling consulting, we will help you coordinate supervisors, curriculum, and supports for every age and grade.

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Judy can help! She homeschooled 4 high school, scholarship recipient graduates, of which 3 have graduated university so far.

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We can provide email, telephone, or online private, confidential consultations on any school or education issue. We work from a non-punitive, evidence-based, neuro-biologically-informed parenting and educational approach. Sign up for a time period that fits your needs from 1 hour to 1 year. No limits!

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Education and Homeschooling Consulting Packages

Get a 1 hour, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 1 full year of customized parenting or education help for your unique situation. Start anytime.

No time limits!

Your child doesn't need more stuff - Invest in their education and their future.

All Consulting Time Packages Include:

  • The 1-hour consultation includes a follow-up session a month later to fine tune choices.
  • Telephone or Zoom sessions are available to enable screen sharing.
  • Additional topic webinars copies will be sent depending on concern.
  • Handouts with plenty of information on schools, education, unschooling and homeschooling.
  • Accompaniment to parent-teacher interviews, or homeschooling supervisor visits, if desired.
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Homeschooling consultations

Homeschooling Books 2018-2019

The Happy Homeschooling Handbook - Alberta Edition 2018-2019 Year

Alberta Homeschooling Handbook

Considering homeschooling your child? Yes, you can! This 80 page e-book contains everything you need to homeschool in Alberta.

E book $9.95 Fee (plus GST)

Print book including shipping $15.95 Fee (plus GST)

Formats available
Homeschooling consultations

Homschooling Webinars/E-Classes 2018-2019

Listen to the CBC Current on homeschooling regulation with Paul Enns, Judy Arnall and Rob Burrard

How to Homeschool/Unschool in Alberta 2018-2019 Year

Considering homeschooling your child next year? Yes, you can! Come and find out your rights and responsibilities, home education philosophies, how the education system works, funding, resources, and parenting/student styles. This session is not sponsored by any school board so we can have a frank discussion.

Presented by Judy Arnall, mom of 4 home educated high school graduates and certified family life educator.

$29 Fee (plus GST) includes handout materials and a copy of the webinar for your future use.

How To Choose the Best School/Education Option for Your Child 2018-2019 Year

How does the whole Alberta school system work? What are the choices available to you and how do you make the best choice for your child? This session is not sponsored by any school board so we can have a frank discussion.

Presented by Judy Arnall, mom of 4 high school graduates and certified family life educator.

$29 Fee (plus GST) includes handout materials and a copy of the webinar for your future use.

Homeschooling High School in Alberta 2018-2019

Wondering how to home school your high school aged child? Your child can take on-line courses, or do self-directed high school and still acquire a diploma. This session is not sponsored by any school authority. Register for the 90 minute recording and find out everything you need to know! Presented by Judy Arnall, Homeschool parent of 4 High school graduates and Scholarship recipients and 3 who have graduated university.

This session is not sponsored by any school board so we can have a frank discussion.

Fee: $29.00 includes 90 minute recording and 15 minutes live consultation.

Topics covered are:

The future of education

How high school works in Alberta

Choices in homeschooling high school

How to do Parent-Directed high school course by course

Course descriptions

What is university like and what is the real scoop on homeschooling acceptance?

Special needs in high school

Brain development and motivation

How to access resources for parent directed


Help! My Child Won't do the Work! Understanding the brain science behind learner motivation

Does your child take 3 hours to do a ten minute assignment? In this webinar, we will look at brain development stages and the implications for children's learning. We will examine learning styles and present some tips for reducing stress and increasing fun types of learning.

Presented by Judy Arnall, mom of 4 home educated high school graduates and certified family life educator.

$29 Fee (plus GST) includes handout materials and a copy of the webinar for your future use.

Every Child is Gifted: Understanding Your Child's Multiple Intelligences

Learn about the 8 types of intelligences and how children learn differently. Everyone is intelligent! Purchase now and the webinar will be sent to you immediately for your personal reference. This webinar includes 15 minutes of private online live chat to answer your personal questions. Presented by Judy Arnall, BA, CCFE

$29 Fee (plus GST) includes handout materials and a copy of the webinar for your future use.

Presentation Description
College Graduation

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College Graduation

Homeschooling Videos

Global TV "How to Homeschool" Judy Arnall

Judy Arnall speaks on Unschooling at Motivational Mondays

City TV "How to Unschool" Judy Arnall

CTV TV "What is Unschooling? Part 1" Judy Arnall

CTV TV "What is Unschooling? Part 2" Judy Arnall

College Graduation

10 Simple Steps to Begin Homeschooling

By Judy Arnall, BA, CCFE, Professional Home Education Consultant

Homeschooling parent of three university graduates

Step 1 Attend a "Thinking about Homeschooling" class or webinar. Be sure it is not sponsored by a school board, or school so that you will enjoy an unbiased overview of the Alberta education system and your rights and responsibilities. Classes are offered by Professional Parenting and are listed above.

Or, buy the book:

The Happy Homeschooling Handbook - Alberta Edition 2018-2019 Year

Alberta Homeschooling Handbook

Considering homeschooling your child? Yes, you can! This 80 page e-book contains everything you need to homeschool in Alberta.

E-Book $9.95 Fee (plus GST)

Print Book $15.95 Fee including shipping

Formats available

Considering Home Education? Getting started

What are your rights and responsibilities as a home educator?

Home Schooling Terms Glossary

10 Worries of New Homeschoolers

Why Homeschool?

Home Education Myths

Homeschooling Advantages and Disadvantages

Home Schooling: The World is Your Classroom

Step 2 Find a school or board to register with. A listing of possible boards/schools is below. Go to their open houses and information sessions held from March to June and see what are their unique rules, requirements and responsibilities are. They vary with each organization and may not necessarily be Alberta Education requirements.

Alberta Home School Board Features Comparison Chart 2017-2018

Home Education Notification Form

School Board Contact List 2017-2018

What questions should you ask a Supervising School Board?

Step 3 Explore what is your teaching/learning philosophy. Do you believe in rote learning, discovery learning or experiential learning? Do you think children learn on their own, or need direct teaching? Do you embrace the Waldorf, Montessori, Classical, or Child-led philosophy of education? Is your parenting style authoritarian or more relaxed? Is your child a visual or hands-on learner? You know best what works for you and your family.

You do not have to follow the Alberta Program of Studies or use Alberta Education curriculum. Below are the outcomes that you must cover by the time your child turns 20:

Schedule of Learning Outcomes for Home Educators Not Following the Alberta Program of Studies

Home Education Style and Parenting Style

How Does an Unschooler Change a Light Bulb? A Typical Day

Step 4 Decide on the program you want. There are only three program choices:

  • Home Education Parent-Directed (Parent Controlled) home education is also called "Traditional".

  • Blended (Shared Responsibility) 1/2 Parent and 1/2 School Controlled homeschooling (or 20/80 percent in high school), where you control half the program with home education (teaching whatever you want) and delegate half the program to the school to directly teach through online, correspondence or classroom direct instruction.

  • Distance Learning which is School controlled. There is no "aligned" program according to Alberta Education. When the school boards use the term "aligned" or "teacher-directed" they mean it is school provided education based in the home but controlled, taught, and delivered by the school. It is not home education. School-based-at-home is also called Virtual School, Distance Education, Distributed Learning, and Online Learning. APS means the Alberta Program of Studies which encompasses approximately 1400 outcomes per grade. How the school teaches those outcomes depends on which methods (screen text, videos, textbook readings) and materials the schools choose. If you choose distance learning, your child will have a teacher that marks their work, (not you) and they will have to follow the APS curriculum outcomes per course or grade. As a parent, you have the same rights and responsibilities as a parent of a child in a physical school. You do not control the classroom or resources-the teacher does! You also do not get funding as you are not providing a home education program. If the school gives you a "resource allowance" they can request those items back at the end of the year. The school is getting per-pupil instructional grants to hire teachers to teach and mark your child's work.

  • The differences are also explained in the following links:

    Homeschooling Programs

    Considering Teacher-Directed or Traditional? Know the Differences in Responsibilites!

    Considering Blended or Traditional? Quick View Chart

    The 3 Program Choices - Excellent description of responsibilities

    Homeschooling High School in Alberta

    Parent Controlled Parent and School Controlled School Controlled

    *Traditional Home Education* *Blended (Shared Responsibility) 1/2 and 1/2* *Distance Learning Education*

    Step 5 Register with a School or Board and submit a Learning/Education Plan to your school or board. Plan your goals for the next year. Is there an area you wish to focus on? Be sure that anything you wish to buy with funding is mentioned in the plan. Here is a sample below:

    Sample Learning/Education/Assessment Plan Example for a Grade 8 Student for Traditional Home Education or Blended Program

    Sample Learning/Education/Assessment Plan Template

    Step 6 Purchase curriculum if you are going to use it. Many unschoolers do not use prescribed curriculum. A library card and internet access is all you really need to start the homeschooling year until you discover how your child learns best (through workbooks, or hands-on kits, videos, field trips, etc.) Many children, especially in the younger grades dislike workbooks and textbooks, but if you need to purchase them, be sure to check with your school board first because they can order them for you with a discount applied.

    Scholars Choice

    Kids Source

    CHER Blog

    Setting Your Home up for Success in Homeschooling

    Step 7 Find your community support. Links are below. There are many facebook groups now. Just use the keywords "home schooling" and your "city" and you will find them.

    Complete List of Alberta Homeschool Support Groups on Facebook

    Alberta Homeschooling General Facebook Group

    Alberta Homeschooling Teens

    Homeschoolers Central Alberta!

    Lethbridge Homeschoolers

    Edmonton Homeschoolers

    Alberta Unschooling Families

    Calgary Homeschooling Moms

    AHEPS Alberta Home Education Parents Society - Support for Secular Homeschoolers

    AHEA Alberta Home Educators Assoc.- Support for Religous, Traditional, and Non-unschooling Homeschoolers

    Secular Alberta Homeschooling Facebook Group

    Unschooling to University Blog

    Jim McGinn's Calgary Homeschooling Resources Site

    Step 8 Continue your homeschooling professional development! Keep learning about this wonderful alternative to school.

    At the very least, get to know your rights and responsibilities.

    Alberta Prime Time Interview on Home Education November 2016

    Homeschooling Funding Myths

    The Alberta Education Home Education Handbook 2010

    10 Things to Know about Unschooling

    Suggestion and Ideas for Getting More Co-operation and Less Power Struggles in Child Resisting Homeschooling Work

    Tips for Applying to Post-Secondary Schools

    The Globe and Mail September 10, 2010 "School's Out Forever - Unschooling"

    Ways to Learn Math Without a Workbook

    Unschooling to a STEM Career

    STEM Classes: Help or hurt curiosity?

    10 Reasons to Get the Degree (or Diploma or Certificate)

    Screen Time Mitigates Summer Learning Loss

    Self-Directed Education Alliance Article: Unschooling 101

    Are All-inclusive Vacations Educational? You bet!

    The "Back to School" Schedule When You Unschool

    Panel for the Protection of Homeschooling Video - November 2016

    Step 9 Educate others. Partner or family not completely on board? These articles are full of up-to-date research may convince them!

    Fraser Institute Report Released on Canadian Homeschooling 2015

    Fraser Institute Report Executive Summary 2015

    Research - "The Fraser Institute Report on Homeschooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream" 2007

    Social Skills - The Best Part of Home Education

    Step 10 Lastly, enjoy the journey! The first year is always a learning year for both you and your children. You will enjoy the many benefits to come: amazing learning, confidence, sibling closeness, relaxed family time and a lifelong love of learning.

    The United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights #3: Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children, Section 50 (2) Alberta Education, School Act