Discipline Without Distress bestselling book
Discipline Without Distress: 135 Tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery

The best non-punitive parenting book for living with "difficult" children

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Discipline that you AND your child will feel good about!

"Discipline Without Distress is a thorough, detailed manual of non-violent, non-punitive gentle ways to address common behaviour problems for every age, from toddler to teen" Mothering Magazine September/October 2008

Best Parenting Book
Eric Hoffer Award Winner

Published by Professional Parenting Canada, 440 pages


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Translated in Spanish and available at Medici and Educar Sin Estres

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Translated in Korean and Greece and will be available soon

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Includes 50 Bonus pages of charts of the most common behaviours and exactly what to do about them!

At last, a positive discipline book that is chock-full of practical tips, strategies, skills, and ideas for parents of babies through teenagers, without using any form of punishment or bribery, and it also explains EXACTLY what to do "in the moment" for every type of behaviour, from whining to web-surfing.

Parents and children today face very different challenges from those faced by the previous generation. Today's children play not only in the sandbox down the street, but also in the World Wide Web, which is too big and complex for parents to control and supervise. As young as age four, your children can contact the world and the world can contact them. A strong bond between you and your child is critical in order for your child to regard you as their trusted advisor.

Traditional discipline methods no longer work with today's children, and they destroy your ability to influence your increasingly vulnerable children who need you as their lifeline! You need new discipline tools!


Arnall is quoted in Parents Magazine June 2012 "Discipline for Softies"

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NEW! International Bestseller! Amazon.com has just released book sales ranking to publishers. Discipline Without Distress was ranked consistently in the top 20,000 to 40,000 books sales out of 8,000,000 books in 2010 and 2011! The latest ranking is 22,739 in May of 2012!

CMA Doctors Support Repeal 43 Spanking Law

Canadian law must reflect current research on the harmful effects of physical punishment, in the best interests of our children.

"Offers a wealth of ideas and suggestions for raising children without the use of punishment of any kind."

Linda Adams, President and CEO of P.E.T., Parent Effectiveness Training, Gordon Training International

"The world is in desperate need of gentle, caring discipline techniques. Judy Arnall has created a wonderful, nurturing guide that all parents can benefit from."

Elizabeth Pantley, Author of The No-Cry Discipline Solution, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, and The No-Cry Potty Training Solution.

"There are good solid tips for parents of children of all ages."

Kathy Lynn, Parenting Today

"Parents always prefer to be loving but often don't know how. Arnall's book debunks all the old beliefs about discipline through painful measures such as punishment, consequences or bribes and provides far more effective and kind ways to raise well-behaved and thriving children."

Naomi Aldort Ph.D. Author, Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

"Arnall, a parent educator with vast organization experience and a mother of five children, admits that one size does not fit all. Her approach is based on both the age and needs of the child. No spanking, no time-outs, no bribery. This book is dense and wide-ranging in its discussions and approaches."

U.S. Book Review

"Learn the nuts and bolts of raising resilient children."

Patricia Morgan, speaker, counsellor and author of The Light Hearted Approach: 87 Ways to Be an Upbeat Parent and Love Her As She Is: Lessons from a Daughter Stolen by Addictions

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