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We provide email, telephone, or online, private, confidential consultations on any parenting, education or family issue. We work from a non-punitive, evidence-based, neuro-biologically-informed parenting approach. Sign up for our club membership for a time period that fits your needs. No limits!*

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Get a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or full year of customized parenting help for your unique situation. Begins June 1, 2017.

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Your child doesn't need more stuff - Give the gift of a beautiful, lifetime relationship with you!


Has your children's sleeping, eating, squabbling, and lack of listening skills impacted your vision of a peaceful home? Need personalized, non-punitive, evidence-based strategies for your situation? We offer neural-biological information on child development, personality traits, and temperament, so you can make the best informed parenting decisions that will work for your family.


Are you confused by the choices in Education? Do you need personalized information to ensure the best fit between school, or alternatives, and your child? We can provide advice on schools, high schools, university, home education, online and alternative schooling.

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Club Package Includes:

  • Notification and access to all scheduled webinars, and in-person classes. **Some restrictions apply
  • Unlimited, GotoMeeting consultations (with powerpoint slides) or phone help of any length with a Certified Family Life Educator, and Certified Brain Course Educator at a mutually scheduled time.
  • Webinar series copies of either Terrific Toddlers - 4 weeks or Parenting Today's Child - 6 weeks depending on the age of your child.
  • Parenting With Patience Text book or Discipline Without Distress PDF Textbook included.
  • Additional topic webinar copies will be sent depending on concern.
  • Access to a members-only facebook group for sharing with other non-punitive parents in a classroom-like setting.
  • Have your parenting/education questions answered, when you need them answered (at a mutually convenient time).
  • Tax extra. Shipping extra if print materials requested.
  • *Excludes University of Calgary Continuing Education Classes and PACT Calgary Sessions
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Parenting Parties!

We do In-Home Private Presentations

Enjoy the personal and customized parenting information and presentation in the comfort of your own home with eight or more of your friends. Gather your group from pre-natel class, moms time-out, babysitting co-op, school council, Dads volleyball team, or even your scrapbooking or book club and decide together on a topic of interest. See GOT A GROUP? GET A CLASS! for topic ideas. We can do two hour/one night or four to six week presentations. Minimum eight people (bring the partners too) and the maximum is only limited by the size of your home. Aproximate cost is $30.00 per person (based on a two hour session) depending on the course. The host person pays no charge, and receives a free gift.