Judy Arnall, BA, CCFE, DTM

Professional Speaker, Trainer and Bestselling Author

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Canada's Peaceful, Non-Punitive Parenting, Child Development and Education Expert

Global Parenting Speaker Judy Arnall City TV Speaker Judy Arnall CTV Alberta Prime Time Speaker Judy Arnall

Judy Arnall is a regular parenting expert on Global TV, City TV, and Alberta Prime Time CTV

Brain Core Story Certified

Judy has Brain Core Story Course Certification, issued from Alberta Family Wellness, Palix Foundation

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Judy Arnall is a child development specialist, and master of non-punitive parenting and education practices.

Long Biography

As a professional speaker, Judy Arnall is Canada's leading authority on non-punitive, respectful parenting and education practices and how brain and child development affects behaviour and family relationships. She provides interactive topics for your company or organization on family leadership, and respectful communication skills. Judy will not read powerpoint bullets! She uses props, exercises, large audience activities, photos and videos to present and engage the audience. She was a Professional Member of The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers CAPS, for 7 years, and is currently a Distinguished (DTM) member of Toastmasters as well as a Certified Canadian Family Life Educator (C.C.F.E.) The information Judy presents is neuro-biologically informed based on the Brain Core Story Course Certification.

Judy is author of the international bestseller (four offset print runs and 5 foreign languages) “Discipline Without Distress: 135 Tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery.” She has produced the DVD “Plugged-In Parenting: Connecting with the Digital Generation for Health, Safety and Love, ” and a journal titled “The Last Word on Parenting Advice ” book. Judy's recent books are titled “Parenting With Patience: Turn frustration Into Connection With 3 Easy Steps, ” and the handy e-book, titled “Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers To Teens.” The most recent book is called “Unschooling To University: Relationships (Teachers and Parents) Matter Most in a World Crammed With Content.”

Judy has been a regular article contributor for the past 24 years to Calgary's Child Magazine and is a regular guest on Global TV, City TV, Shaw TV, and CTV. She is regularly quoted in national magazines such as Chatelaine, Today's Parent, Parents, Canadian Living, Natural Parenting, ParentsCanada and Canadian Family Magazine, and newspapers such as Globe and Mail, Postmedia News, National Post, Metro News, and Huffington Post.

Judy is a child development expert in the fields of parenting and education on-line at Mothering Magazine Online.As well, Judy is the parenting expert at Labatt Canada is a discipline/behaviour expert at Labatt Family Talk Program Canada, and Scholar's Choice Canada Scholar's Choice Canada

In addition to teaching classes under Professional Parenting, Judy was employed by Alberta Health Services, Perinatal Education, for 13 years and Families Matter Society for ten years. During that time, she co-developed the Alberta wide "Terrific Toddlers" four-week course curriculum with Alberta Health Services. She currently teaches Parent Effectiveness Training at The University of Calgary, Continuing Education, and speaks for LifeSpeak, Womens Health Resources, CES Education, Chinook Learning and PACT - Parents and Children Together Association. Judy is certified to teach P.E.T. (Parent Effectiveness Training), and Terrific Toddlers Course as well as the Positive Discipline in Everyday Life program. Judy has delivered hundreds of quality parent education sessions to thousands of parents in schools, libraries, corporate workplaces, and social agencies.

Having read 567 parenting books to date, volunteered for 13 years on the city wide crisis line, and having raised 5 adult children, (including 3 university graduates), Judy is a realist who understands parenting in the trenches. Your audiences will connect with her idealism and also share her realism of family life. She can be reached at

Professional Parenting

Email Judy jarnall@shaw.ca (403) 714-6766

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Judy Arnall is a Speaker

As a parenting and teacher conference keynote and breakout speaker, Judy will not read powerpoint bullets. Through props, videos, large group activities, and photos, Judy provides evidence-based information, ideas and strategies to increase peace, communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and fun in families and classrooms.

Judy Arnall Professional Demo

Chestermere Conference, 100 people, full day, "Active Listening"

Parenting Trainer Judy Arnall
Judy Arnall is a Trainer

Judy is certified to present:

Parent Effectiveness Training Classes P.E.T. - Click on logo for more information

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Terrific Toddler Classes - Click on logo for more information

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Positive Discipline for Everyday Parenting - Click on logo for more information

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Attached At The Heart - Click on logo for more information (Coming May 2019)

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"Judy's teaching style welcomes interaction and introspection; she sets the stage for calm, non-judgemental opportunities for growth, and a chance to think differently about raising our children. She is a warm, welcoming speaker who has an amazing depth of knowledge at her fingertips. Everyone in the classroom or audience quickly learns that they can look to her for advice on any aspect of the topic on which she is focused. Rather than immediately giving advice, Judy always takes the time to guide and encourage parents as they find an answer that works for their family. Parents are indeed lucky to have a master parent educator like Judy to learn from, but the hundreds (thousands?) of kids who are being raised by these parents are the true beneficiaries of the classes Judy teaches." Laurie Strother, BSN Class Participant

Judy can also present many other programs.

   Over 50 Presentation Topic Descriptions

Leadership Conference, break-out, 100 people, "Parenting Styles"

Lets Learn Together Conference, 50 people, breakout, "Brain Development 101: Toddlers and Technology"

Parenting Trainer Judy Arnall  
Judy Arnall is a Bestselling Author

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Plugged-In Parenting

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Last Word on Parenting Advice

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Discipline Without Distress

link to discipline without distress book

Parenting With Patience

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Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers To Teens

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Unschooling To University

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Discipline Without Distress book

Plugged-In Parenting DVD

The Last Word on Parenting Advice journal

Parenting With Patience book

Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers To Teens book

Unschooling To University:(Teachers and parents) matter most in a world crammed with content book

Judy Arnall is an Expert Source for Parenting and Education Commentary


Judy has been quoted in many on-line, and print publications, and TV and Internet News Shows

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Judy Arnall is a regular parenting expert on Global TV, City TV and CTV's Alberta Prime Time

Global Parenting Speaker Judy Arnall City TV Speaker Judy Arnall CTV Alberta Prime Time Speaker Judy Arnall

Judy Arnall is a Private and Corporate Consultant

Educational Consultations

Judy provides consultations and ambassadorships for corporations such as Labatts Canada, Scholars Choice and Me-In-A-Tree on best practices in parenting and education.

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