Parenting without punishment
Benefits of Non-Punitive Parenting

The case for changing parenting styles

The parent-child relationship is above all, a love relationship, and we believe that punishment has no place in any love relationship. We teach parents and caregivers about building relationships with their children, yet, seldom show the benefits of such a philosophy of the democratic, collaborative, parenting style. Below are some common goals and proof that parenting without punishment (using problem-solving for all conflicts, disputes, and misbehaviour instead) and making the relationship a priority, reaps many benefits in the teen and young adult years.

Parenting is SO worth it when...

positive parenting

Your baby smiles as soon as you enter the room.

Your teens have great philosophical conversations and debates with you and you can agree to disagree.

Your toddler points to a glossy magazine cover model and say's "Mommy!"

Your three children close in age that were all in diapers at the same time, are now all in university at the same time and help each other edit and critiques their respective essays.

Your young adults come home on Christmas break and set up their laptops in the same room to have a gigantic gaming session.

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