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Professional Parenting is non-punitive, relationship parenting; not paid in currency, but in kisses from your toddler, hugs from your preschooler, kind words from your young child, conversations from your teenager and fun with your emerging adult.

Happy KidsJudy Arnall

Judy Arnall is Canada's leading expert on normal child and brain development and non-punitive parenting and education practices.

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Judy Arnall is a regular parenting expert on CTV's Alberta Prime Time, Global TV, and City BT-TV

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Judy has Brain Core Story Certification, issued by the Palix Foundation

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Parenting Today's Child; A neuro-biological approach to raising babies to teens

6 Session Live and Recorded Online Course

For parents of all children ages 1-20 years.

Happy Family

This course has neuro-biological informed content from Alberta Health Services, Palix Foundation, Canadian Pediatric Society, Attachment Parenting, and P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training. It focuses on non-punitive, respectful, relationship-building parenting.

Provided by Professional Parenting Canada. Instructor is Judy Arnall, BA, Certified Canadian Family Life Educator, Certified in the Brain Core Story Course, and parent of 5 kids.

Register anytime. You will receive all 6 recordings and we will schedule coaching time according to your schedule, or jump into the live sessions.

Wednesdays, July 5, 12, 19, 26th, August 2 and 9th, 2017 from 7-8 pm (Mountain Alberta Time) and 9-10 pm (Eastern Toronto Time). Live Q&A before and after class.

$189.00 plus GST per computer includes 6 recorded classes, 2 printed textbooks mailed out, and a pdf workbook package, as well as weekly coaching time.

Certificates available if all sessions are watched and participant achieves 50% on the final exam.

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"Thank you again for the great class. I learned a lot and feel excited and empowered again. We all need a little boost once in a while to help us continue to be great parents!" Muriel, Online participant

Parenting Today's Child Course Printable Description

Parenting the digital generation can be challenging and exciting. In this course, we will explore best parenting practices of raising today's child:

Week One: Parenting Styles, Temperament Traits, Picky Eating, Oral Health, Parent Self-Care

Week Two: Developmental Milestones and Stages, Executive Function, Attachment Theory, Separation Anxiety, Sleep Challenges, Toilet Training

Week Three: Serve and Return, Brain Development, Stress, Play, Healthy Self-esteem, Communication, Safety

Week Four: Feelings, Temper Tantrums, Anger Management, Behaviour and Guidance

Week Five: Multiple Intelligences, Homework, Chores, Digital Citizenship

Week Six: Peer Pressure, Bullying, Talking to Kids about Sex and Drugs, Preparation for Adulthood

NEW! The Science of Screen Time: How technology affects childhood brain architecture

1 Session Live and Recorded Class

Evidence-based recommendations from the Idealist, but common-sense advice from the Realist!

Thursday July 13, 2017, 9 pm EST 7 pm MST, Live Webinar and recording will be available. For parents of ages 0-20. $29 donation to charity. Reserve your seat now!

Science of Screen Time

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This month's feature webinar Have a Better Behaved Child in One Hour

NEW! Parenting the Three Pound Computer: A neurobiological informed course on raising babies to teens

4 Session Live and Recorded Course

Child development 101

This class compiles information from multiple sources and is presented by Professional Parenting. Instructors are Brain Core Story Certified.

Mondays 7-8 pm MST, 9-10 pm EST, July 3, 10, 17 and 24, 2017

$120.00 plus GST. Investment includes a textbook mailed out and session recordings.

The following concepts will be covered:

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June 2017 TV Advice

Is parental screen time affecting kids' behaviour?

Fidget spinners necessary?/Nurturing a sense of humour.

April 2017 TV Advice

How to talk to kids about marijuana.

Snack shaming/family volunteering.

March 2017 TV Advice

Lessening Parent Guilt over Accidents.

Teaching preschoolers to read/How to manage toy clutter.

Feb 2017 TV Advice

Do bully programs work in schools? Should schools rate parents?

How much screen time is damaging?

Jan 2017 TV Advice

Arguing in front of the children - yes or no?

Are your children introverted or extraverted?/ How to comfort children.

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