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We are Canada's only non-punitive parenting help resource center. You can certainly parent without using time-outs, consequences, and bribery. We are here to help you build bonds with your children.

Professional Parenting is non-punitive, relationship parenting; not paid in currency, but in kisses from your toddler, hugs from your preschooler, kind words from your young child, conversations from your teenager and fun with your emerging adult.

Happy KidsJudy Arnall

Global Parenting Speaker Judy Arnall City TV Speaker Judy ArnallCTV Alberta Prime Time Speaker Judy Arnall

Judy Arnall is Canada's leading expert on normal child and brain development and non-punitive parenting and education practices.

Judy just recently became the proud parent of 3 university graduates and 4 Rutherford Scholarship recipients!

She is a regular parenting expert on CTV's Alberta Prime Time, Global TV, and City BT-TV

Get expert help to move your important family relationships from good to excellent, through webinars, keynotes, workshops, dinner seminars, articles, books, videos, train-the-trainer courses, Lunch'n'Learns and private consulting.

university graduates

Unschooling To University Book Project on Kickstarter

In this age of learning everywhere, it is time to launch this book! Unschooling To University

Unschooling To University Book

Do you have a child that is unmotivated in school? (It's not your child or the teacher's fault!)

Are you worried that the school curriculum is not relevant in today's society? (We still do not have mandatory coding lessons)

Do you think your child would thrive if you pulled them out, but don't wish to homeschool? (Not everybody wants to!)

Now there is an alternative. Learners can and do lead their learning! Follow the paths of 25 kids who unschooled and directed their own learning and still entered universities and colleges, with over half in the STEM fields.

Help us get the word out! We are promoting the concept, research and implementation of SELF-DIRECTED EDUCATION (both in and out of school). We've launched a project on Kickstarter! For as little as $10, (in which you get a copy of the e-book), you can support the costs of launching the book titled Unschooling To University: How to impassion your disengaged learner. Just go to, register as a guest (anonymous), and search for Unschooling To University or Judy Arnall. Thanks!

Unschooling To University Book Project on Kickstarter

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Judy has Brain Core Story Certification, issued by the Palix Foundation

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